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Araki is both the Prime Minister of the intergalactic Shi'ar Empire and the Lord Chancellor of the Empire's ruling emperor or empress. The Araki sequence is venerated among the Shi'ar for their political savvy and diplomacy. Through a form of cloned reincarnation, a version of Araki has served the Shi'ar Empire for generations. (The exact difference between incarnations of Araki has not been clarified.).[1][2]

Araki discovered that his Empress was possessed by Cassandra Nova and tried to intervene before her orders to the Shi'ar Imperial Guard to annihilate the X-Men could be carried out. Choosing to believe Lilandra's repeated denials of Araki's heretical words, the Guardsman G-Type was forced by his Empress to attack Araki instead.[3]

Shortly after Cassandra was expelled from Lilandra's mind, Araki 6 arrived to help his Empress recover and return her to her people once again.[4]

Later, Araki served Vulcan when he ascended to the throne of Emperor of the Shi'ar empire. He was later killed, once again, by Gladiator following his use of the Shi'ar Death Commandos against the Starjammers and the death of Lilandra.[5]

Cloned once again, this time as a female, Araki served as adviser to the newly appointed Majestor Gladiator, despite being briefly captured and impersonated by the Raptor known as Talon.[2]


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As one of the Shi'ar, Araki possesses enhanced strength and endurance.


He has some degree of military experience though he has never been seen to engage in direct combat. He is noted for his wisdom.

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