Arakko was a sister entity of Krakoa. Both were once part of Okkara, a sentient island that existed in the South Pacific. Several thousands years prior to the Modern Age, Okkara was attacked by an enemy wielding a twilight sword and was split into two creatures, Krakoa and Arakko. Apocalypse arrived with his First Horsemen and sealed away the enemy; however, both Arakko and the Horsemen had to be sealed away with them, leaving Krakoa feeling mournful and lonely.[2]

Arakko and its mutant population ended up on the dimension of Amenth, a dark dimension filled with various Daemons. The mutant alchemists and wizards combined their powers to create ten towers which would protect them from the Daemons' threat. As thousands of years passed, the mutants kept warring with the enemies in a seemingly never endless war. Eventually Genesis, wife of Apocalypse and mother of his Horsemen, gathered an army and went out of Arakko into a years old journey to end the enemies' threat for good, but she and what left of the army returned after a disastrous encounter with fellow mutant and former ally White Sword. Then after Isca, former ally turned traitor, told Genesis that Annihilation, the dark god of Amenth and leader of the Daemons, challenged her to a fight for victory, Genesis accepted the challenge, but lost. This left the Daemon armies to destroy Arakko's towers and finally set the island on fire. As countless mutants kept being slaughtered by the enemies, the last survivors send the Summoner, son of the Horseman of War, to go find his grandfather in order for him and Krakoa to help them defeat the enemies.[1]

The small piece of Arakko that Summoner was send on, known as Arak Coral, later appeared off the southern coast of Krakoa. Cyclops along with his children, Cable and Prestige explored the new landmass before the two islands merged into one.[3]

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  • Arakko is Okkara in reverse and an anagram of Krakoa.
  • According to Prestige, Arakko's language (Arakki)[7] is similar to singing.[3]

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