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Arakko was a sister entity of Krakoa. Both were once part of Okkara, a sentient island that existed in the South Pacific. Okkara became home to a nation of mutants, ruled by Apocalypse and his wife Genesis. Several thousand years prior to the Modern Age, Okkara was attacked by an enemy wielding a twilight sword and was split into two creatures, Krakoa and Arakko. In order to save Earth from being overwhelmed by the daemons unleashed by the sword, Genesis, her and Apocalypse's children, and the Okkaran society of mutants were sealed away together with Arakko to buy the world time. Apocalypse remained behind to prepare mutantkind for the daemons' inevitable return.[4]

Wars against Amenth

Arakko and its mutant population were stranded in the dark dimension of Amenth, home to various Daemons. Once there, one tenth of the Arakki mutants fled into the wasteland, overwhelmed by the demonic nature of Amenth. They were later captured by the forces of Annihilation and were forced to breed with Daemons to create a new warrior sub-race, the Summoners.[3] The mutant alchemists and wizards combined their powers to create ten towers which would protect them from the Daemons' threat. As thousands of years passed, the mutants kept warring with the Daemons in a seemingly endless conflict. Eventually Genesis gathered an army and rode out to end the threat of Amenth for good, but she and what was left of the army were forced to return after a disastrous encounter with fellow mutant and former ally White Sword. Then Isca, former ally turned traitor returned, and informed Genesis that Annihilation, the dark god of Amenth and leader of the Daemons, offered her a duel with the fate of their peoples at stake. Genesis accepted the challenge and won, only to find that it was a trap. By winning, she was forced to either don the helmet of Annihilation and merge with the entity, or allow the Amenthi daemons to run rampant. For 100 years she refused, until the Amenthi horde finally cracked the walls of Arakko, prompting the desperate Arakki to open a portal to Dryador in search of aid. Realizing that all was lost, Genesis donned the helm, merged with the entity, and the mutants of Arakko would thenceforth serve Annihilation.[5]

The Fallow Years

After its fall, Arakko was forced into peace with Amenth and turned into a vassal state. Vile School omnipaths and stealth suppressors were imbedded in Arakko to uncover militant thought and defuse any attempted uprisings.[5] The Abyssal Prisons were constructed and overseen by Tarn the Uncaring, where countless mutant lives were lost.[6][2]

X of Swords

With Arakko secured, the path out of Amenth was finally open. Annihilation sent Summoner, son of the Horseman of War, to go find his grandfather, ostensibly in order for him and the mutants of Krakoa to help them defeat the Daemons,[3] but in truth, to trick him into opening a gateway between Amenth and Krakoa, paving the way for the Daemons to invade Earth, while the united forces of Arakko and Amenth laid waste to Dryador.[5]

The small piece of Arakko that Summoner was sent on, known as the Arak Coral, later appeared off the southern coast of Krakoa. Cyclops along with his children, Cable and Prestige explored the new landmass before the two islands merged into one.[7] Summoner succeeded in his mission, tricking Apocalypse into opening a portal to Otherworld, and leading him to the waiting armies of Amenth, led by his children. With war between Krakoa and Arakko now all but a fact, Omniversal Majestrix Saturnyne intervened in the conflict, arranging for a tournament of champions between the peoples of the twin islands. Each side would rally their champions and participate in a series of contests, with the fate of Earth at stake. When the Summoner returned to assemble their Swordbearers, which included Redroot, Arakko's translator, the Summoner informed Arakko that one way or another, the contest would end with the two islands re-united.[8]

The Krakoan mutants won the contest, and in the process Annihilation was defeated, its influence curtailed and its grip on Arakko severed. Saturnyne decreed that one Krakoan mutant and one Arakki mutant would exchange places, to mark the end of the conflict. Genesis chose Apocalypse to join her and their children in Amenth, while Apocalypse chose Arakko itself, along with all the mutants living on it, to take his place on Earth.[9]

After finally returning to Earth, Arakko tried to reunite with Krakoa, but time had changed both of them, the two even speaking two totally different languages. Coming to the conclusion that they didn't love each other anymore, they both decided to stay separate.[10]

Realizing the difficulties in accommodating a massive population of warlike mutants on Earth, Magneto proposed a plan to terraform Mars and re-locate Arakko and its inhabitants there, so that they could claim the red planet as the capital of the Solar System and the first mutant world. The Great Ring consented to the plan and lent their aid. After the planet was made hospitable for life during the Hellfire Gala, Exodus, with the aid of Jean Grey and Lactuca the Knower, uprooted the island and sent it to Mars.[1]

Arakki Society

The nation of Arakko was a continuation of the mutant society of Okkara. Arakko proper was a walled city, protected from the encroaching Amenthi hordes by ten towers.[5] While in Amenth, Arakko appears to have bordered a body of water, where Arakki pirates roamed.[11]

Arakko is governed by the Great Ring, a council of omega-level mutants. The Great Ring has governed the nation for thousands of years, with the exception of a time Isca the Unbeaten referred to as "the fallow years".[10]

Like its sister-nation of Krakoa, Arakko is governed by three principal laws:[5]

  • Make more mutants
  • Destroy our enemies
  • Defend this broken land

Hardened by their constant battle for survival, the Arakki are a warlike people.[10] They frown on weakness and eschew comfort, welcoming any challenge as a means of strengthening themselves.[12] To suggest an Arakki requires the help of another is an insult, as is interfering in a one-on-one duel.[13] [14] Arakki captured in battle are expected to free themselves to redeem themselves.[14]

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  • Arakko is Okkara in reverse and an anagram of Krakoa.
  • According to Prestige, Arakko's language (Arakki)[23] is similar to singing.[7]
  • As seen with the Swordbearers of Arakko, a majority of the mutants born in Arakko are naturally born with immense longevity.


  • Arakko has twenty times more mutants than Krakoa.[10]

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