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The Devourer of Souls carried Solaise and Sedrick the Cat into Arallu, for the purpose of consulting Thulsa Doom about the cat's origin. Thulsa Doom then revealed its secret; in gratitude for his help, the Devourer shattered Doom’s chains, granting him the freedom to wander Arallu at will. The Devourer then found the Footslave of the Elder Gods wandering an ancient cavern deep beneath the earth under an inland sea. Wrarrl lured the Footslave to him by calling out his human name, Maxmelle, which no one had used in ten thousand years.

Conan, while searching for the Footslave of the Elder Gods, braved a portal to the underworld of Arallu. Instead of finding the Footslave, who had already been collected by the Devourer, Conan stumbled across Thulsa Doom. Convincing Conan he could help in place of the Footslave, the barbarian fought a horde of skeletal warriors to free Thulsa Doom from Arallu. Conan’s allies discovered the cave containing the portal to Arallu and rush forward to help him destroy the undead, which have followed Conan and Doom back into the world of the living.[1]

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