Like his teammates, Inazuma was hired by Rei Takahashi to track down and kill Anthony Stark, the man responsible for a nuclear-industry related disaster which financially ruined the Akane Fusion Developments and caused 59 victims[1].
When James Rhodes presented the evidence linking Stane International and Justin Hammer to the event, Inazuma and the other Masters withdrew from battle. Ashamed of themselves, they offered their services to Stark to reclaim their lost honor. Iron Man, Rhodes and the Masters all prepared for an assault on Justin Hammer[2].
Inazuma and his teammates attacked Justin Hammer's Villa and defeated Mandrois, operatives of the Hydra and the Hand, as well as Justin Hammer, who eventually surrendered. The Masters of Silence then immediately disappeared[3].


Like his teammates, Inazuma is able to project a psychic invisibility making him undetectable to the eye and most electronic systems.


He is is a skilled combatant and is trained in the code of bushido.


Inazuma wears samurai-styled armour which is highly resistant to most energy attacks.


Wields twin katana blades which are charged with energy that enables them to slice through most metals. Also armed with radio-controlled shuriken.

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