The Arc Centurians are an advanced alien race of telepaths from the planet Arc Centauri. Not much else is known about their race. A geneticist from their planet was travelling in Earth's solar system in 1954 when the gravitational pull of the planet pulled him to the surface. With his ship damaged the alien attempted to get help from the locals of the northern American town he had landed in but was only met with fear.

The appearance of the alien being prompted the Human Torch and Toro to investigate. They arrived on the scene just as a young boy -- fleeing from the alien in fear -- ran off a cliff. As the Torch rescued the boy Toro engaged the alien but struck his head on a tree, knocking him out and sending him falling down the cliff. Fatally wounded, Toro was restored to health by the Arc Centurian who then communicated to the Torch and convinced him that he was benevolent. The alien explained his problem to the Torch and the hero helped fix his ship allowing the alien to return to the stars before he was attacked by an angry mob of frightened townspeople.[1]

No other members of this race have been seen since, their present activities are unknown.

Powers and Abilities


All members of the Arc Centurian race are telepaths and are immune to fire.


Habitat: Unknown
Gravity: Unknown
Atmosphere: Unknown
Population: Unknown


Type of Government: Unknown
Level of Technology: Advanced, they have invented spaceships that can travel interplanetary distances
Cultural Traits: Unknown


the Arc Centurian who visited Earth was able to restore Toro to full health from the brink of death following a fatal fall. However it cannot be established if the alien did this through some sort of physical ability or technological device is unspecified.

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