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Possibly formerly Olivier (prince of the Archangels)
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Choir of Angels of the Third Sphere
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The Archangels are (in Christianity's hierarchy of Angels), a choir of the Third Sphere, along with the Archai (Principalities) and Angels (which name has become the common term for the entire kind).[1]

Many Seraphim appear to be Archangels, which suggest it is more a title than a rank.[1]

Choirs' leaders appear to be also sometimes Archangels:


Early years

Olivier was the prince of the Archangels.[5]

War in Heaven

During the War in Heaven, Olivier sided with Lucifer in his rebellion.[5]

Zadkiel, chief of the Order of Dominions,[2] followed by at least some Malakim,[6] and leading the Black Host[7] allied with his friend Lucifer, who he ultimately betrayed to God.[8]



To ally with Ghost Rider, Malachi told him he was part of a minor movement within the Angels, who rejected the violence of the Archangels.[9] Though Ruth's violence was demonstrated, it is unknown if such movement truly exist, and if violence is a constant among Archangels.

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