After becoming ruler of Otherplace/Limbo, Amanda Sefton (Magik) had her sidekick, Nugent, create a magical computer program that would assemble all the arcane knowledge in the universe. She would use this as a weapon in her war against the other splinter realms. Over many years, the stored magical knowledge evolved into the Archnenemy, a force of pure magical evil. It then returned from the future to secure its own birth.

It waged war against the combined might of all the Lords of Hell, but was defeated when Nightcrawler destroyed the machine in Nugent's apartment. Magik was then able to kill it with the Soulsword.[1]


The Archenemy is immensely powerful. Its very nature is to destroy and consume all magical energy, which renders it immune to virtually all forms of magical attack and enables it to easily overcome even beings such as Dormammu, Mephisto, etc. It could destroy whole splinter realms. Its assaults took the form of magical glass-like shards which tore its opponents to pieces.


Archenemy was dependent on the arcane machine in Nugent's apartment for a source of power. Once it was destroyed, it became vulnerable and was destroyed.

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