Not much has been revealed regarding Archer's full history and origin. At some point in an alternate future, Archer joined the futuristic police system, Xavier's Security Enforcers. Later, however, his family was killed by rogue mutants. Dejected, he decided that the XSE was ineffective and helped form the Xavier Underground Enforcers, a group of XSE officers who wanted to change the present by changing the past.[1]

To finally accomplish this, Archer joined Fixx and Greystone in shunting their spirits to the past, and Archer possessed the deceased body of a known terrorist named Jude Black. He and the XUE shared adventures with Havok and his present day allies. When Havok reformed X-Factor, however, Archer chose not to join their number and left to pursue life in the present time.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Possesses the mutant ability to transform his body into energy and to project energy in destructive blasts. Containment armor channels his secondary form's energies into shafts of destructive force from his gauntlets, focusing cane utilizes his power as a taser charge.


  • Jude Black is estranged from his wife.

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