Archie Hunt and Jeff Knudsen were close friend for most of their lives and attended high school together. Both men desired to become great leaders.[1] Archie eventually joined the Army while Jeff went into politics. During a campaign for the Senate, Knudsen needed to eliminate his competition, Richardson. Together Knudsen and Hunt plotted to use Hunt's military connections to send a Sentinel out to kill Richardson then self-destruct thereby destroying any evidence.[2] The plot would result in Knudsen getting his senate seat then prompting Hunt to the rank of Colonel.[3] However, after dropping Richardson into Lake Michigan,[3] the Sentinel crashed in the Seyfert Salvage junkyard in Antigo. The Sentinel was then found and rebuilt by Juston Seyfert.[4]

Fearing that the reemergence of the Sentinel would lead to their convictions, Hunt and Knudesen decided to use a prototype Sentinel Mk VII-A to destroy the Sentinel and kill Juston.[1] However, Juston was able to escape and blackmail Hunt and Knudsen into leaving them alone.[5]

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