Quote1.png If it takes the rest of my worthless life, I swear I'm gonna hunt down and destroy the alien called...ROM! Quote2.png
-- Archie Stryker


Archie Stryker was a former soldier and small time thief. While attempting to break into the Laserium Corporation's vault by using the kidnapped manager (who was in fact a Dire Wraith), his gang was interrupted by Rom. When the Spaceknight banished the Wraith to Limbo, it appeared to Stryker that a robot had mercilessly slain a fellow human. This set in motion a desire to get revenge on Rom.

A group of Dire Wraith scientists at Project Safeguard, led by Doctor Rachel Sweet, offered Stryker a way to strike back at Rom by donning the Firefall armor they had captured from the former wearer Karas. As human physiology was so similar to Galadorian, the Wraiths were able to successfully graft Stryker to the armor. Newly empowered, he confronted Rom in battle. Rom initially holds back in memory of his friend Karas and tries to tell Stryker of the true threat to humanity, the Dire Wraiths. Stryker refused to listen and Rom is forced to seriously damage him. Shortly thereafter, Sweet and others recovered the battered Archie Stryker and while they believe him unconscious he hears their schemes and realizes that Rom was telling him the truth. They remove him to Project Safeguard where he is placed in stasis. Rom arrives later to retrieve his Neutralizer that the Hellhounds had taken and is captured himself. The Wraith leader known as The Most High One gives the order for both Spaceknights to be terminated. Doctor Daedalus makes the mistake of getting too close to Stryker and is slain by the Living Flame that the Firefall armor controls. This provides a distraction that allows Rom to free himself and subdue Rachel Sweet. The Wraith taunts Rom that it would take all of a Spaceknight's power to free his Neutralizer from the force field that it is held in. Realizing the threat to humanity posed by the Dire Wraiths, Archie Stryker throws himself upon the force field expending his life so that Rom can continue his war against the Wraiths.


In Firefall armor, able to wield the Living Fire of Galador.


Was grafted by Dire Wraiths to the plandanium Galadorian armor of Firefall

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