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Major circle of Latitude north of the Equator, marked south of the Arctic region.


Modern Age[]

Centuries ago, a giant alien explorer crash-landed on Earth in the Arctic circle. As he was frozen into a state of suspended animation, he sent a telepathic signal to his planet. In modern times, the creature was found, unearthed, and defrosted. His stumbling around as he tried to reorient himself made him a danger to people around him, who assumed his actions were deliberate. Fortunately, by this time his signal had been received and an extraterrestrial search-and-rescue team came for him. Mocking the fearful humans for their presumptive behavior, he left Earth without a second glance.[1]

While they were studying how oil drilling was affecting Alaska's wildlife, Yellowjacket and the Wasp discovered an isolated tropical jungle on the very edge of the Arctic Circle. Summoning one of the island prehistoric insects, they attempted to ride closer, until they started to feel strange. Yellowjacket then knocked out the Wasp and ordered it back; when she came around she found that Yellowjacket sent her away.

After receiving her distress call, the Avengers came to the strange forest, where they were attacked by the Sentry #459 and Goliath, who had been enslaved and set against his comrades. During the battle, the Wasp was knocked out and was soon found by Yellowjacket, who had been de-evolved into a primate.

Meanwhile, within the great citadel which towered above the pitched battle, Ronan the Accuser had captured Captain Marvel and was about to initiate Plan Atavus, a de-evolution operation to turn the Earth life back to the evolutionary state in which the Kree first found it, eons ago.[2]

As the battle raged on, the Scarlet Witch and Vision were taken hostages. As prisoners, they began to express their feelings for each other, while elsewhere the primate Yellowjacket was protecting the Wasp from other primates.

Quicksilver and Rick Jones invaded the Kree citadel and managed to free Captain Marvel and the others, who counter attacked. Ronan was eventually forced to flee as he was contacted by his troops in space, who informed him that the Skrulls had invaded Kree space. Upon Ronan's departure, the device maintaining the tropical zone and de-evolving the humans was reversed, and those turned into primates were reverted back to their normal selves.[3]

Some time later, the Black Panther traveled to this frozen wasteland to find an alleged bomb, placed by Jason Beere, within the cave of an immense polar bear.[4]

Alternate Realities[]


On Earth-TRN1294, in the two decades after World War II, the world's nations united in peace. They established several little-crewed Arctic outposts, including one in which Sgt. Sumner Hall and his partner received the first notification of a man-made object entering Earth from outer space - a rocket - on August 2nd, 1964, at 3:26 a.m. They notified the defense screen units.[5]

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