The Arcturans come from the planet Arcturus, which due to its two suns is in perpetual light. It is believed this caused the people to go mad and once they invented atomic weapons they nearly destroyed themselves. Following the war, only two factions remained - the Reavers and the Mutants. The mutants were peaceful but disfigured, something the Reavers would hate and hunt them for. Their technology level exceeds that of contemporary Earth's. In the 31st century, two of the best-known Arcturans are Starhawk and Aleta, members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.[2]



Reavers are a bloodthirsty and war-like faction of Arcturians. They outwardly resemble humans, although their lifespan can extend hundreds of years.


Arcturian Mutants possess a constantly unstable genetic code, causing radically different physiologies even between parents and children.[2]


Habitat: Land covers 59% of surface with the remaining being water
Gravity: 95% of Earth's
Atmosphere: 105% Earth density with high hydrogen content
Population: 4 billion


Type of Government: Variety of worldwide governments, democracies, monarchies, dictatorships
Level of Technology: Comparable to Earth's
Representatives: Stakar Ogord (Starhawk), Aleta Ogord, Ogord, Salaan, Tara, John, Sita

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