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The Arcturian System is the planetary system orbiting the star Arcturus. The system contains seven planets,[1] the fourth of which was inhabited by a humanoid race knowns as the Arcturans.[2] The planet Fortisque, homeworld of the Fortisquians, is said to also be located within that planetary system.[3]

In recent years, Arcturus IV was targeted by the Axi-Tun, a race who believe themselves to be superior to all other life forms. While being led by a ruler who believed that all inferior life forms should be exterminated, the Axi-Tun sent out a fleet of purification vessels to secretly commit genocide against such races. One of these vessels, commanded by Captain Ramrog, directed a giant asteroid at Arcturus IV. The impact ignited the planet's atmosphere and subsequent bio-readings confirmed that the planet was "clean" after having been purged of all its inferior life forms.[1]


In the early 31st century, Starhawk sailed across the Arcturian System to reach Ogord on his home planet.[4]
Starhawk was then followed by the Guardians of the Galaxy who used the Arcturian scout ship Kammar to land on Arcturus IV.[5]

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  • Starhawk once told Martinex that Arcturus had twin suns that kept the planet in perpetual daylight.[6] This statement is inconsistent with the fact that Arcturus is a single star but has never been verified or disproven.

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