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Princess Mari (wife); Ant Man (son)
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Adventurer, explorer
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The history of Arcturus Rann is similar to that of his Earth-616 counterpart, however a number of secrets involving the origin of the Enigma Force which powered him have come to light.

According to the nature of Universe-9997, the Enigma Force has its origins from Galactus, at some point in recent history Reed Richards would convert Galactus into a star, unaware of how this would effect the balance of the universe. This star, would become the source of the Enigma Force.

The Enigma Force would be sent into the past and effect a number of elements that would be connected to the life of Arcturus Rann. Firstly, a portion of the Enigma Force was sent back into the past to play a part in the birth of Galactus himself.

Secondly, in the far future, the star that was once Galactus would create a word that would be embedded in the star, and found there by Prince Wayfinder. This sword would lead him and his people to the past and to pre-historic Earth, where they would use it to open a portal to the Microverse (also created by the Enigma Force) so that his people would escape the demons that resided in that time.

Wayfinders people would be the ancient ancestors of Arcturus Rann and his people. The Enigma Force would in time choose Arcturus Rann to be its host in the Microverse, and his history would go on much as it did on Earth-616. While in hibernation, the Enigma Force would travel out of his body and empower people on Earth, turning them temporarily into Captain Universe.

In recent history on Earth-9997, Psycho-Man would return to the Microverse and with his emotocaster would cause the entire realms population to go into a violent frenzy, making everyone attack anyone who they saw. During this time Arcturus' wife Marionette would end up killing Arcturus, and the realm would be set ablaze when the Man-Thing was summoned to drop his tendrils through the Prometheus Pit into the Microverse.

Arcturus' soul would end up in the Realm of the Dead, and would maintain a mental tie with his wife, who had survived the chaos with a number of other survivors of the Microverse's destruction who would band togeather and form a group known as the Ant Men and escape to the Earth dimension.

When Arcturus died, the portion of the Enigma Force died with him and entered the Realm of the Dead, there it chose Captain Marvel at its host and kick-started the events that would lead to Mar-Vell eventually killing Death. Arcturus would join up with Mar-Vell's cause, however his involvement in the coming battles was limied due to his small stature. Following Death's death and the construction of Paradise, Arcturus' whereabouts are unknown.

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Seemingly those of the Arcturus Rann of Earth-616.

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