Area 102 is a well-equipped base under the control of the American military. Its original purpose is unknown, but it possesses holding facility for superhumans and has been described as "twice as strange as Area 51 could ever hope to be'" The staff in Area 102 regard Area 51 as a hoax, because news of the other base was leaked to draw attention away from them.[1]

In the wake of the unexplained resurrections of both Bruce Banner and Thunderbolt Ross, both men were brought here. The plan was to have them work together to form a plausibly-deniable agency that could counter Hulk-level threats. Ross would administer the agency, while Banner would use the resources of the American government to maintain control of the Hulk. However, this plan fell through when Betty Banner died of radiation poisoning,[2] leading to Ross revoking Banner's clearance and attempting to arrest him, and Banner running away.[3]

Ross took control of the base and renamed in "Hulkbuster Base", dedicating its resources to capturing Banner. The base briefly became a world center for gamma mutate research when Katherine Spar was assigned there to prove whether the radiation that killed Betty Banner had come from the Hulk. Bruce Banner sneaked into their lab after hours to read their notes. Cracking the case, Banner accidentally turned into the Hulk and trashed the lab.[4]

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Earth-9828's Area 102

Following Elizabeth Ross' death, Dr. Banner was isolated in order to prevent him from transforming into Hulk or killing himself, but he soon managed to handle the transformation with no shift in demeanor at all and quickly escaped from the base[3].

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