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In the part of Arenjun reserved for the temples, Conan joined Taurus of Nemedia to plunder the jewels in the Elephant Tower. Once inside, Taurus was killed by a giant spider, while the Cimmerian met the elephantine alien, Yag-Kosha, who had been enslaved by the dreadful sorcerer Yara. Using a magical gem known as the Heart of the Elephant, Conan freed Yag-Kosha from his mortal shell and helped him get revenge upon Yara. The Cimmerian then ran away from the Tower just in time to save himself from the Tower crumbling in the purple sunrise, shimmering in pieces as the Heart did before.[1]

Many years later, Helliana and Sabo entered the ruined Tower of the Elephant to plunder the huge gems encrusted in its fallen walls and met Zath.[2] After Zath slew the priest of Ishtar and its magistrate, he injected Conan with a vial of lotus liquid and held him captive in a pitfall, until Helliana came to rescue him.[3] She brought the Cimmerian to her place and then to the ruins of the Elephant Tower; after having dealt with Captain Finar and his guard, they headed back to confront Zath.[4]

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