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Quote1.png He's the God of War. The most vicious and powerful gladiator in all of Sakaar. Quote2.png


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Ares was the undefeated Champion of Maestro's gladiatorial games held in the Crown City of Sakaar region of Primary Earth. When Captain America led the Warbound on an attempted revolt against Maestro, Ares was send to stop their advance. He accomplished this by personally confronting and killing the Captain, forcing the rest to flee and regroup. One member of the rebellion infiltrated the Crown City as a gladiator and fought their way to the final round of the arena games, which was against Ares. Ares recognized them as one of Captain's friends and prepared to kill them as well. However, his opponent proved strong enough and the God of War was defeated and succumbed to his wounds.[1]

Ares (Earth-TRN887) from Marvel Future Revolution 002.png

After his defeat, Ares earned the etertnal rest in the Elysian Fields, but found that war still raged within his blood and that peace was not for him. He journeyed into another afterlife, the Netherworld in search of his weapons, which were sold by Deadpool after Ares was defeated in the arena. After reclaiming them, Ares met the Champion who slew him and was now on their mission in the Underworld. Ares held no ill will towards them, as his defeat was fair, and invited them to battle demons together. Afterwards, Ares went to search for the soul of his late son Phobos, whom he had lost long before his own death. After questioning the demons, he discovered that Hades has purchased Phobos' soul from one of Mephisto's demons and ordered to keep it a secret from Ares. With a renewed purpose, Ares parted ways with the Champion and went to Hades in search of his son.[1]



Seemingly those of the Ares of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Ares of Earth-616.



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