Argo (the Almighty) is the son of Hercules and an unnamed woman. When Hercules left Argo and his mother to fight a battle with the Avengers and never returned, it broke Argo's mother's heart. Argo dedicated himself to becoming a trained superhero so that he could one day find Hercules and face him. When he heard of the re-birth of the Avengers, he sought them out for their help in finding his father, he broke into their mansion and faced them in combat. After they captured him, he explained that he was looking for his missing father, Hercules.[1]

The Avengers followed a lead to Mount Athena where they discovered Hercules, driven mad with grief. Argo attacked Herc, releasing all the anger he felt having been abandoned. Thunderstrike knocked some sense into him and once Hercules explained how heavy his heart was, Argo was able to comfort him. [1]

Later when A-Next was attacked by a rival team of villains (the Revengers), Argo fought for his friends (along with other allies of A-Next) and when the battle was won, Argo accepts membership in A-Next.[2]

Argo was seen fighting Galactus with A-Next. [3]


Argo is super-strong with heightened durability.


He's experienced in the use of battle staves and martial arts.

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