Prince Argon was the brother of Princess Mari and one of the hereditary rulers of Homeworld, effectively the Capital of the Microverse under the rule of Baron Karza. As Force Commander,Argon was a leader of the rebellion against Karza. He was captured by Karza's forces and punished by being forcibly merged with his own horse, Oberon, in the dreaded Body Banks. This turned Argon into a centaur (though he was eventually restored to normal).

Following Baron Karza's first defeat, it seemed that Argon betrayed the Microns by setting himself up as dictator over the Microverse. It was later revealed that Argon was an unwilling host of a soon to be reborn Karza. Sadly, as soon as this was discovered, Karza returned and broke free of the screaming husk of Argon, killing him in the process.

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