These are 5 different Iron Man armors, created by Tony Stark. They were never used in action until the armors were activated via remote trigger when the son of Ho Yinsen was shot and killed by S.H.I.E.L.D. forces.[1]

The Submarine Argonaut attacked Namor and was destroyed by Iron Man.[2]

The Fantastic Four fought the Digger Argonaut near vital oil fields. Thing (Ben Grimm) was able to stop it from tunneling. While attempting to dispose of it, Iron Man was attacked by the Stealth Argonaut. It was defeated with the help of Human Torch (Johnny Storm).[2]

The Digger's Anti-metal was used to destroy the Battle Argonaut before it reached nuclear reactors in Moscow.[2]

The final Hulkbuster drone attacked Times Square. Captain America, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine and She-Hulk were unable to stop it. Realizing it was keyed to his own consciousness, Stark blasted himself with repulsors to shut it down.[2]


The "Submarine" model was designed for high speed underwater. Its travel caused tsunamis to occur. For combat it had sharp fins and claws.

The Stealth Argo possessed active camouflage (cloaking), a radar-absorbing coating, and could fire repulsors while cloaked.

The Battle armor used Stark-Chobham armor: an experimental ceramic composite with carbon nano-tubing covered by an Adamantium shell.

The "Digger" was a massive armor with subterranean capability originally designed for rescue. Repulsors and uni-beams keyed on destroying earth and rock. It also possessed an "Anti-Metal" Vibranium helmet.

The Hulkbuster was massively strong and durable. It was also keyed to Stark's subconsciousness, enabling it to anticipate his moves.

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