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Argos the Hunter was born to the race of Deviants, an evolutionary offshoot of humanity, which is cursed with an unstable genetic code causing random physical characteristics to crop up in each newborn child in the race.

He became a member of Damocles Foundation and one of their elite warriors of Sword.[2]

Sword was tasked to bring defector Ulysses Bloodstone back dead or alive along with Arcadia DeVille, a Foundation test subject Ulysses helped in escaping. Ulysses and Arcadia were corned in a Kentucky coal mind by Argos. The mutant Cannonball arrived to aid the pair and managed to break Argos' staff. Then the rest of Sword arrived to aid Argos.[3]

Argos was given a new staff and and he and his team confronted Cannonball, Ulysses, and Arcadia. Arcadia used her powers to summon X-Force. X-Force managed to defeat Sword by defeating Sword's members one at a time. Bloodstone and Arcadia took possession of Sword's ship and took Argos and his team prisoner.[4]

Argos and his team later got free and were charged with defending the Damocles Foundation base and once again fought X-Force. Selene took control of the Foundation's Celestial Gathered and used its power to turn Argos and his team into lizards. The Gatherer was later destroyed by Moonstar and Arcadia, but its unknown if Argos and his to revert to normal.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Argos is a Deviant equipped to scan the genetic profile of his targets.[4]



Argos carries a cosmic lance that focuses energy into destructive bolts.

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