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Argos is one of the Hyborian Kingdoms, located on the coastal areas of western Hyboria. To the north was Zingara, to the south lay Stygia. The three of them were the leading naval powers of the Hyborian Age and heavily involved in international trade. A network of rivers connected Argos to Aquilonia, Nemedia, and Ophir. Making it a major part of the Road of Kings trade route.

The coastal cities of Argos were cosmopolitan trade capitals, where ships constantly transport ivory, copper ore, pearls, and slaves from the Black Kingdoms. Chief among them was the capital, Messantia. Its place at the center of many trade networks had given it the reputation of being the destination of all sea-ways. Besides regular trade, these coastal cities served as natural habitats for smugglers and pirates seeking fences. The country maintained illicit connections to the pirates of the Barachan Isles. That its traditional rival, Zingara, was the chief target of said pirates might had been explained by their informal alliance. While the coastal areas prospered, the inland provinces were relatively underdeveloped backwoods areas.[3]



Argos was one of the nations to rose on the ashes of Acheron.[4]

Age of Conan

Tahrend's rule


Queen Wrenna's rule

After her husband Tahrend's passing, Queen Wrenna assumed control of the country. She offered Conan to rule alongside her, as her consort or not, but the barbarian declined.[6]

Thamos' rule


Milo's rule

Conan, Delmurio, and Tetra came to an Argossean trading post near the Aquilonian border looking for the Black Ship. While they were waiting to set sail they confronted and killed a preacher of Mitra who was entrancing his followers.[8] After they finally reached an island west of Argos, the group learned that the demon Nostume apparently orchestrated the treasure map hunt only to get Conan and his friends to the Well of Souls and sacrifice them. When Nostume was eventually killed by the Cimmerian on an island west of Argos, his power was absorbed by Tetra.[9]


Aristo's rule

After Milo's death, his second son Aristo made peace with king Conan of Aquilonia when this one was on his way to march on Stygia and quickly proclaimed king of Argos.[11]

Ariostros' rule



Former Residents


Robert E. Howard named the country after the ancient city of Argos in Greece. The city played a major role in Greek legend as the ancestral seat of many dynasties. Homer uses the term "Argives" for all besieging forces of the Trojan War.[citation needed]

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