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General Argyle Fist, stationed at a base in the southwestern desert, was utilizing his men and resources to find several soldiers who had vanished. When Captain America and the Falcon also disappeared, he doubled his efforts, using a new sonar device called the Hound Dog to try and locate them.[1]

The Hound Dog proved unsuccessful at first, but Fist refused to quit that easily. When the Hound Dog disappeared as well, Fist ordered his men to move in on the search. They found the Hound Dog crashed and the pilot missing, and worked to find evidence in the wreckage.[2]

Fist ordered ships to scour the area in flames, and his efforts paid off when they discovered a series of caves that acted as the enemy's headquarters. The enemy attacked, and Fist ordered his men to engage in battle. Fighting against superior numbers and technology, such as the Royalists' high frequency sound waves, Fist led his men forward. With Captain America and the Falcon battling on the inside, the Elite was quickly routed. Captain America told Fist about the Madbomb, a deadly device the Elite had developed, and they moved in to find it.[3]

While his men battled Elite operatives, Fist and the two heroes discovered that the Madbomb was missing. Fist radioed in to Washington and received orders to secure the Royalists' base. He passed along a lead about the Madbomb to Captain America and the Falcon.[4]

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