Arianrhod MacLlanllwyr was the daughter of Donal MacLlanllwyr and granddaughter to Rhiannon.[1] Her mother died in childbirth.[3]


Her powers and abilities were allegedly derived from the harmony of Ari's people with the Earth's essential life-force.

Ari's gift was stated to be healing: She can heal herself and others, and heal recent but also older wounds.[3]

She was also taught a few spells,[2] and could display other abilities (though she considered herself a novice),[3] including:

  • Spell of teleportation, whom she didn't mastered with great accuracy,[2] transporting herself and Marada in southern Africa when targeting Ashandriar, Britain.[4] The spell can transport between worlds,[3] and with at least one other person.[2]
  • Illusions: Ari can cast illusions.[3]
  • Limited influence over the natural element: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.[3]
  • Life Force detection: Ari could sense the life force of others. That power seemingly worked on a psychic basis,[3] possibly telepathic or empathic.


Ari has displayed some skill at throwing knives,[2] but also in archery.[3]

Despite being called a "goddess-child" by Y'Garon,[2] Ari doesn't think of herself as a a goddess.[3]

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