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Ariel was an alien from Coconut Grove, and unspecified relative to the Ariel who has been member of the mutant thieves and runaways Fallen Angels and of the mutant heroes X-Men.

Ariel used his ability to teleport between any two doors (which all members of his race possess) to come to Earth, where he was trapped inside a tree (for a time) by a witch, unable to escape because of the lack of doors. This incident eventually came to the attention of William Shakespeare, who based the character "Ariel" in his play The Tempest on this story.

Ariel was seemingly a mutant as well, as he was stated by his eponymous relative Ariel to be able to persuade people in a similar way that she does, often performing con games.[3]



As other Coconut Grove aliens, Ariel can perform the following ability:[3]

  • Teleportation: Ariel's teleportation powers as he is able to warp space-time around a two closed doors, bending the space to briefly connect the two when opening them: He can walk through a door at her starting point and walk through a different door even if they are at interplanetary distances. Those powers aren't based on a mutant or mutate state, but come from a specific use of physical knowledge and seem available to all his race.

Ariel can be supposed to be a mutant, with the following power:

  • Vocal Charisma: He has the ability to telepathically influence and charm others with his speech, and often running con games.[3]


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