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Quote1 They should be proud to have her as a student. Heck, I'll write them a letter if I have to. Quote2
Captain America (Steve Rogers)[src]


Arielle Agbayani was a scholarship student to Hargrove University in Boston, MA who discovered the Captains Network; an organization inspired by the symbology and heroism of Steve Rogers and the legacy of his Captain America mantle. Agbayani felt inspired to join the organization, and became The Campus Captain America, focused on utilizing the mantle to protect her fellow students from systemic abuse directed at them from more affluent peers. In order to aide in this task, Arielle recruited a number of other likeminded students to join her, and constructed her own metal replica of Captain America's Shield, based more closely on the more triangular World War 2 era shield, as opposed to her fellow Captains.

During Halloween of her Sophomore year, Arielle's best friend and roommate, Maribeth, was assaulted by Elliot Carmichael, a trust-fund legacy and sports star whose rich family had made significant donations to Hargrove's facilities, leaving him seemingly untouchable. While Maribeth was able to record proof of his misdeeds, Carmichael had taken her phone after the assault, leaving her with nothing but her word to challenge him. Unwilling to let this injustice stand, Arielle and her girls took up their Captain America costumes and traveled to the Halloween party held by Eta Theta Gamma, Elliot's fraternity. During the party, Arielle snuck into Elliot's room and stole back Maribeth's phone, as well as his own.

Before she could leave the party, Agbayani was caught in the act by Elliot, who quickly attacked her with his lacrosse stick. While his physical strength was greater, Arielle's shield protected her from harm until she could close the gap and dispatch him with a knee to the groin, before quickly escaping into the crowd of the party. While Elliot called out for the party-goers that he had been robbed by a girl dressed as Captain America, she was able to maintain anonymity as each of her team had arrived in their own Captain America themed outfits.

After Speed Demon stole Captain America's Shield and began working with Superior to attack people across the country while disguised as Captain America, they also began hunting people associated with the Captains Network, intending to kill, humiliate, and ultimately destroy the image of what the Captains represented. Banding together to stop them, Steve Rogers teamed up with Sam Wilson, and Bucky Barnes, and began reaching out to members of the Captains Network to gain their support in going on the offensive. Arielle was one of the two Captains who responded to Rogers' calls, and linked up with her fellow Captain, Aaron Fischer, the Captain America of the Railways while they traveled to Wilson's secret cabin base in Colorado. The two young Captains passed the time singing musicals and playing video games together until Wilson picked up a radio signal from the nearby NORAD base which was under attack.

Gearing up, Arielle and the Captains, now joined by John Walker made their way to the base, while Steve explained that the facility stored Hate-Monger, the still living psychoactive energy of Adolf Hitler quickly realizing that its release was the villain's goal. Once on the scene, the Captains quickly engaged Speed Demon and Superior, who had since been joined by fellow super soldier Commander Krieger. Arielle and Aaron attempted to subdue Krieger, and were able to knock the wind out of her in a combined assault, but were then disarmed by Superior. In the chaos of the melee, Krieger was able to use Steve's Shield to override the locks containing Hate-Monger and the pair escaped, leaving Arielle and her fellow super soldiers unable to catch up; though Walker was quick to remind the team that they had captured both of Krieger's previous allies, giving them an advantage in finding out their next steps.[1]



  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Arielle possesses some skills in hand-to-hand combat and compensates her lack of training by fighting dirty.[1]



A homemade facsimile of Captain America's Shield


  • Arielle's preferred Captain America is Bucky Barnes.[1]
  • As of her first appearance, Arielle was 19 years old.[1]
  • Arielle has a Philippines flag in her dorm room.

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