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Aries is a member of the Zodiac. A massive machine built with the aide of Professor Michelinie's research into weather manipulation, he was used by Zodiac to not only kill those who had worked on the technology, but to take out military installations. After a failed attempt by Tony Stark to stop Aries, he later returned, using an Electromagnetic Pulse generator in order to destroy Aries.[1]



Aries Mechanical Body: Aries body consisted of a massive frame, easily dwarfing almost every other member of Zodiac except perhaps Aquarius. It had four arms each of which had a hand capable of being fired on retractable cable. It could fire multiple lasers from its eyes and unlike Scorpio and Cancer before it, seemed completely unaffected by Repulsor fire.


Tornado Generator: Aries most devastating weapon was its ability to generate tornadoes. The end result of the Tesla Project, Aries could easily generate Category 5 tornadoes out of nowhere, making both offensive and defensive measures against it virtually useless.


  • Unlike the other members of Zodiac, Aries appears to be entirely mechanical, showing no hint of organic parts and, as a result of Project Tesla, he is likely entirely artificial unlike the other cyborgs and armoured members of the group.

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