Aries was one of the Life Model Decoy created by Scorpio as part of his new LMD Zodiac. Scorpio was forced to activate the Zodiac early due to an attack by the Defenders.[1] Aries fought against the Defenders, but was reckless and clumsy, he even accidently took out his comrade, Aquarius. This recklessness proved to be his downfall as Nighthawk and the Moon Knight were able to direct him into a steel wall, knocking him unconscious.[2] He was taken into custody, with other members of the Zodiac, by SHIELD.[3]

Later, Aries joined the other members of the Zodiac and a mentally unstable Quicksilver in seeking revenge on the Avengers. Aries and Taurus attacked one group of the Avengers as they returned to Avengers Mansion through an underwater entrance. Aries nearly drowned the Black Knight, but he and Taurus were both swept out into the river when Quicksilver turned on the entrance's purge switch. He was later captured by the authorities.[4]

When the Zodiac were later released, they travelled to Dallas, Texas, where they killed all of the members of the original Zodiac Cartel except for Cornelius van Lunt and replaced them in the criminal underworld. Next, they attacked a group of businessmen attending a cattle auction in Wichita, but were themselves attacked by the West Coast Avengers. Aries fled when Sagittarius was destroyed by Hawkeye.[5]

The LMDs later ambushed Hawkeye, though Aries and Taurus were taken out by a net arrow. Later, the group argued over how to best defeat the Avengers and Aries joined Leo in calling for a new leader to replace Scorpio.[6]


Aries possesses enhanced strength and a pair of horns on his head which he uses to ram his opponents. He could also stay underwater for an indefinite period of time.

  • In his newest form, Aries can also shoot fire from his horns and wears a suit of protective armor.

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