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The Ariguans are a reptilian race who exist in Earth-791. Beginning in 1960, the Ariguan Confederacy fought a decades-long war against the Spartan Empire. Midway through the war, in 1973, an Ariguan named Rruothk'ar was hired (through Kyras Shakati) by the Spartan Prince Gareth to go to Earth and kill both Meredith Quill and her son, Peter, who was secretly the son and heir of Gareth's nephew, Emperor Jason.[1] However, the Ariguan assassins botched the job, killing Meredith Quill but missing her son, leaving him alive to grow up to become Star-Lord.[2]

Decades later, and years after the Ariguan Confederacy had been defeated by Emperor Jason, Star-Lord, Ship, Kip Holm and Sandy set themselves against conspirators (including Kyras Shakati) who were plotting to replace Emperor Jason with Prince Gareth. After travelling to the imperial throneworld of Sparta to warn the emperor, Star-Lord encountered Rrouthk'ar, now a Sith-Lord of the Ariguan Confederacy, in the company of Prince Gareth. Recognizing the Ariguan as his mother's murderer, Star-Lord attacked him and killed him in a single combat duel fought with swords. When Prince Gareth refused to surrender, he and Star-Lord fought their own duel, one that ended with Gareth's death. Star-Lord subsequently met the emperor who revealed that he was Peter Quill's father.[1]

Star-Lord and Ship encountered the Ariguans again when they came to take the Master of the Sun away. Star-Lord fought the aliens back but the Master turned down his help. Stating that innocent beings had suffered because he had neglected certain responsibilities, the Master agreed to go with the Ariguans, revealing himself to be one of them: Ragnar, the greatest of their scientists.[3]

Some years later, after another conflict, the Ariguans were again defeated by Emperor Jason, this time with aid from Kip, his adopted son and heir.[4]

At one point, Ship (now calling herself Rora) and a different Star-Lord came to the aid of Ariguans on the planet R'ralmis who were being threatened by a massive volcanic eruption. Star-Lord managed to divert the lava flow but then learned that the Element Gun drew its material from that volcano via wormholes and that the eruption had been caused by his recent use of the weapon to create a very large meteoroid, making him inadvertently responsible for hundreds of deaths.[5]


Cultural Traits

Ariguans have a reputation for not being kind to their prisoners. Claims that they are conquerors and enslavers do not apply to the whole race.


  • The role of the Ariguans in Earth-616 seems to have been taken by the Badoon.
  • The entry for the Spartoi in Annihilation: The Nova Corps Files #1 states that Earth-616's Spartoi Empire entered a prolonged war with the Ariguans after a planned alliance between the Spartoi and the Shi'ar Empire was cancelled. However, this idea is the result of confusing the Spartoi from Earth-616 with the Spartans from Earth-791 and no actual Ariguans have yet been seen in Earth-616.

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