Arion and his twin brother Arak were employed by the powerful and corrupt merchant Kyras Shakati as aides and bodyguards, and both were aware of his criminal activities, including the slaving operation. Both brothers liked to indulge in the decadent pleasures available to them on Cinnibar which in their case involved using blades on women. After Arak was killed by Sandy on Shakati's floating sky-palace, Arion attempted to kill her with a hand-held energy weapon but Kip Holm saved her from his shot and Dirac convinced him that he could best serve his brother's memory by fleeing to warn Prince Gareth.

Later, on the imperial throneworld Sparta, Arion encountered Kip Holm and Sandy after they had been secretly captured and imprisoned by Prince Gareth's men. Arion was about torture Sandy to repay her for killing his twin when Star-Lord showed up. Distracted by the hero's entrance, Arion failed to realize that the true threat was from Kip who quickly used his legs to snap Arion's neck, killing him.[1]

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