Arisen Tyrk was the ruler of the Other Realm, a sword-and-sorcery styled world. After being deposed and exiled from his world, Arisen ended up on Earth. Using the identity of "Harrison Turk" and posing as a human, he became a drama teacher. He gained a position in the faculty of the Empire State University, as the Dean of drama. [2]


Arisen Tyrk possessed immense superhuman strength, the ability to wield magic, and the power to project blasts of energy. Arisen is the leader of the Nilffrim Riders.

Strength level

Arisen Tyrk possessed superhuman strength.

  • As Harrison Turk, Tyrk appeared human and was employed as a teacher in the Empire State University. [3]
  • As Harrison Turk, Tyrk had a peculiar speech pattern. When speaking, he often stopped in mid-sentence. Then he added a vocal "eh", and continued from there. For example, the simple phrase "Hello, Dollar Bill", became "Hello... eh... Dollar Bill". [3]

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