Arisen Tyrk was the ruler of the Other Realm, a sword-and-sorcery styled world. After being deposed and exiled from his world, Arisen ended up on Earth. Using the identity of "Harrison Turk" and posing as a human, he became a drama teacher. He gained a position in the faculty of the Empire State University, as the Dean of the theater department.[2]


Arisen Tyrk possessed immense superhuman strength, the ability to wield magic, and the power to project blasts of energy.

Strength level

Arisen Tyrk possessed superhuman strength.

  • As Harrison Turk, Tyrk appeared human and was employed as a teacher in the Empire State University.[3]
  • As Harrison Turk, Tyrk had a peculiar speech pattern. When speaking, he often stopped in mid-sentence. Then he added a vocal "eh", and continued from there. For example, the simple phrase "Hello, Dollar Bill", became "Hello... eh... Dollar Bill".[3]

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