Arishem is the leader of all Four Celestial Hosts on Earth,[3] as well as Fourth Host on the planet called Pangoria and a Fifth Host on an unnamed planet in a distant galaxy. Arishem was responsible for the culling of the Deviant Race during the Second Host visit to Earth and caused the Great Cataclysm that flooded the world.[4] He is also the leader among the delegation of Celestials who waged war on the Watchers in an unknown galaxy.[5] He was one of two Celestials who had the right and ability to judge which planet's civilization would live and which would die.[6] X-Factor has encountered him during Judgement War. Cyclops managed to blow off Arishem's hand with the help of Jean Grey during Judgement War.[7] Cyclops along with the X-Men briefly encounter him again and tells him and the rest of the Celestials to leave.[8]

Before the Final Host of rabid Dark Celestials invaded the Earth to purge the planet, they attacked and killed all existing Celestials, including Arishem. Infected by the Horde, Arishem's body was hurled to the Earth to herald the Dark Celestial's arrival, and it landed in London.[9] During the Avengers' final stand against the Dark Celestials, the Horde reanimated the bodies of the fallen Celestials. In order to defeat the Horde, the Avengers merged their energies to form a Uni-Mind, rendering the Horde dormant with its power. The Celestials returned to life, and assisted the Avengers in taking down the Dark Celestials.[10]

When Knull arrived on Earth, he brought with him a symbiote controlled Tefral and Arishem along with many other symbiote controlled Celestials.[11]


Cosmic energy control with an unknown upper limit. Armour able to withstand planet-shattering strikes with tremendous ease.

Strength level

Beyond Class 100.


Celestial starships

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