Quote1 The Arizona Girl, aka Arizona Annie, the fiery-tempered woman with no past, on the run from lawmen and outlaws alike! Every man wants to tame her but only one can! Quote2
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Arizona Annie (Earth-616) from Wild West Vol 1 1 001

Arizona Annie as she first appeared in Wild West #1 published in 1948.


Like many western heroes of the American Frontier, many of Arizona Annie's early adventures were fictionalized in dime novels that were rife with embellishments and creative license that were a sign of the times. Annie's early tales in particular appeared to be subject to gender biases of the time and were often much more light hearted than her actual activities at the time. Truth or fiction, all these adventures are listed below for the sake of completeness.

Early Adventures

Many of Arizona Annie's early adventures painted Annie as someone who had contempt over men, not outright hate, always believing that a woman could do a better job at running society. She often rode around with her then boyfriend Slim Smith.

In her first recorded adventure, Annie and Slim sought to have their horses reshoed by blacksmith Pete Grimm. Grimm, an unabashed woman hater refused to service Annie's horse. As fate would have it he was robbed just moments later right in front of them. Annie rode off the with the gang and used her female charm to lure each gang member away and knock them out and recover Grimm's stolen valuables. Annie's action changed Pete's opinion of women prompting him to offer free services to all women[1]. Soon after, Annie exposed land developer Josiah Cleek as a fraud when she revealed his new development of Sterling Wells was a shoddy operation[2]. In another town, Annie was accused of being the leader of a gang that was apparently led by a woman. Annie broke out of jail and tracked down the gang. She got the jump on their leader and turned them over to the authorities. The leader turned out to be a man in drag, wanted criminal Pretty Face Grimes[3].

Shortly thereafter, Annie found herself in a number of mundane adventures. When pressured into teaching the local school children while the town waited for the replacement teacher to arrive, Annie captured some bank robbers trying to hide out in the school, accidentally arresting the new teacher in the process[4]. Annie next became the butt of a joke crafted by Slim and his friends when they convinced local outlaw Grizzly Williams that Annie was secretly in love with him. Finding this out Annie sent Williams packing and Slim and his pals ducking for cover[5]. Annie later got involved in local politics when she thought that she could do a better job at running town than a man. Egged on by Slim Smith, Annie won the election by a landslide only to learn that she was tricked into running for the position of the local dog catcher. In retaliation, Annie rounded up the mayor and Slim and paraded them around in her dog catchers wagon[6]. Soon after, Annie and Slim went to a carnival where she realized the owners were fixing the shooting gallery[7] and later was once more put in the position of school teacher, subbing in for a replacement after the last teacher married[8].

Shortly after this, Annie parted company with Slim Smith, the reasons of which are unrevealed.

Partner of Kid Colt

Very little is known of Arizona Annie's past, She was said to hate all men except her lover and traveling companion, outlaw Kid Colt, oftentimes when men mouthed off to her, they regretted it, getting punched in the gut or having their belts shot off them. They operated together some time during the late 19th century. On one of their adventures, they traveled to the town of Wilcox, where they discovered that many members of the civilian population were actually shape-changing aliens known as Skrulls. Annie and Kid Colt exposed the Skrull presence and drove them out of town, killing several of them in the process.




Arizona Annie is a crack shot and quite capable in all facets of frontier life




Colt revolvers, rifle

Arizona Girl made her first modern appearance in Marvel Westerns: Kid Colt and the Arizona Girl #1.

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