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Quote1.png So--our second order of business. Our ongoing meal ticket as a national newspaper. You know the drill. The Daily Bugle has Spider-Man--the Arizona Herald has the Hulk. Quote2.png
—Jackie McGee's editor Murray[src]


The Arizona Herald was the newspaper that reporter Jackie McGee worked for. After her investigation of a multiple murder at a gas station in Arizona resulted in the first legimitate sighting of the Hulk following his death after the second superhuman civil war,[1] the Arizona Herald broke the news, and started quickly gaining traction.[2] McGee continued making deadlines for the Herald, like landing an exclusive interview with Captain Marvel after she and the Avengers captured the Hulk, but then he disappeared when handed over to the covert U.S. Hulk Operations.[3]

Following the disappearance of Betty Ross, McGee's editor Murray received a tip-off from a contact of his about it, and assigned Jackie to investigate it. Due to their coverage of the Hulk, the board of directors of the newspaper decided to expand into a national newspaper with more staff and a wider distribution.[4] Their new offices were located in Phoenix. The Herald continued being catapulted by Jackie's stories, namely when she reported the existence of Shadow Base, the Hulk Operation's government-funded headquarters with a billion-dollar budget.[5]

Because of the Herald's association with the Hulk, their new offices were one of four sites in Phoenix targeted by giant monster attacks orchestrated by Roxxon.[6] The giant monster that attacked the Herald was eventually fended off by the Hulk's ally Rick Jones. Murray and Jackie survived the attack, but many of their colleagues were killed.[7] The destruction and casualties caused by the attack put in doubt the future of the newspaper.[8]

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