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Arkady Rossovich was an assassin for the Soviet Union. He was gunned down during an attempted arrest, but the KGB revived him with implants made of Carbonadium. Rossovich thus became a prototype for the Soviet Union super soldier program under the codename Omega Red. The implants greatly increased Rossovich powers', and gave him the ability to aborb radioactive energy as well as the life of people. However, the carbonadium required a synthesizer to prevent the carbonadium from deteriorating.[1].

Omega Red first encountered Logan when Logan was send to Siberia by S.H.I.E.L.D. to steal the synthesizer. The two fought, during which the synthesizer fell into a chasm and was buried under a glacier.[1].

Omega Red survived the fight, but without the synthesizer his implants began to painfully kill him. Swearing revenge on Logan for causing him this pain,  Omega Red eventually learned Logan was in Japan and followed him there. He arrived in Tokyo on board a ship transporting synthetic drugs for Hideki Kurohagi. When Logan attacked the ship and set fire to it with molotov cocktails, Omega Red revealed himself and took Logan by surprise. The ensuing fight took it's toll on Logan regardless of his healing factor, due to Omega Red draining him of his life energy.[2] When Yukio came to Logan’s aid, she too became a target for Omega Red. The fight in the harbor ended when Logan tricked Omega Red into blowing up a gas tank, after which he and Yukio retreated.[1].

Omega Red soon tracked them down again in Tokyo, leading to another fight. Logan barely managed to win this time by using Yukio’s chakram to chop off one of Omega Red’s arms, and then destroy the regulator device on Omega Red’s suit.[3].

This was not the end however, as Omega Red was still alive and his body was recovered by A.I.M.. They patched him up and send him for another match against Logan.[3]. Omega Red thus ended up interrupting a duel between Logan and Kikyo, whom he ordered to step aside. Logan tried to talk Omega Red out of the fight, to no avail. This time however, Logan used his knowledge about Omega Red’s weakness and immediately targeted the replacement regulator devices, destroying both and killing Omega Red once and for all.[3].

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Seemingly those of Arkady Rossovich (Earth-616)#Powers.

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