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Omega Red was a living weapon, created by generals of the Soviet Union as a counterpart to Captain America. During the Cold War, he fought the Team X, including Wolverine, Maverick,[1] and Sabertooth.

Omega Red proved to be too powerful for the generals to control, and he was placed in frozen in cryogenic suspension in a facility in the Kumudski Valley. Only the extreme cold could keep him subdued. However, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, some radical Generals (including those that originally sealed him away) planned to free him to retake their "sovereign nations" and reform the union. Omega Red successfully retook the Republic's capital, but when he and Darkstar were sent to exile the members of the new Parliament, he attempted to kill them. He revealed that he sought to rule the Soviet Union himself.[1]

Omega Red proved more than a match for the combined forces of Colossus and the X-Men (including Red's old enemy Wolverine). He was eventually defeated by Storm, who summoned a bitter cold that weakened and hurt him, and Darkstar, who had turned against him after seeing what he did to the Russian people. He was recaptured and put back in suspended animation.[1]



Seemingly those of the Arkady Rossovich of Earth-616 (with the exception of 616's "Death factor").


He is susceptible to extreme cold.



Crimson body armor made from Carbonadium

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