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Arkady Vostok was a former Crimson Dynamo who used to work for the New Soviet government. He became the Ultra-Dynamo and was thought of as one of the most powerful heroes on the planet. He was hired by Krycek Power Resources and their owner, Roxxon to sabotage Tony Stark's Project Big Jump as they deemed a threat to their profits. To this end they initial attempted to use earthquake technology to halt construction but were stopped by Iron Man. Iron Man was able to track the source to Krycek and he traveled to their research lab in Siberia. Here he was confronted by Ultra-Dynamo. Ultra Dynamo'sarmorhad outfitted with several technologies specifically designed to combat Iron Man and was able toe easily defeat Iron Man but he escaped before he could kill Tony. Later, when Big Jump was to be unveiled, Krycek and Roxxon sent Ultra Dynamo to kill Tony, but he was stopped by Nicholas Travis donned in a new Iron Man armor which had a built in counter to the Dynamo armor and turned it to dust. Vostok was arrested.[1]

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