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Arlee Hicks is a mutant, student at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and member of Generation.[1] Little is known about her history.

Buff is friendly and likable, but also very shy and secretive. Due to her enhanced musculature, Buff's body has exaggerated muscle definition and increased muscle mass, which causes her a lot of insecurity. To hide her physique from others, she often wears loosing fitting, formless clothing. She is friends with all of her fellow students, and shares a mutual attraction with Refrax.[1]

Along with the other members of Generation X, Buff traveled into the Dream Dimension to battle Tresh and rescue Skin.[1]



Buff is a mutant with powers including:

  • Enhanced Musculature: Buff's physical musculature is enhanced and consequently exaggerated muscle definition and increased muscle mass.[1]


  • Portrayed by Suzanne Davis.
  • Buff is an original character developed for and introduced in Generation X. Due to budget constraints limiting the special effects required to depict her powers, Buff was developed to replace Husk.

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