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Arlok, like every Eternal, was created by the Celestials one million years ago.[2][3] 400,000 years later,[4] a civil war erupted between two factions of the Eternals: the side of Kronos, who cherished piece and non-interference, and the side of Uranos, wanting to use their powers to dominate the planet. Arlok joined Uranos' side, but they were defeated by Kronos' forces and banished from the Earth.[5][6]

When the two dozen exiles landed on the planet Uranus, they conquered the Kree outpost there to make of it their new home.[6] As the Eternal Uranos built a spaceship to return to Earth, Astron refused to follow his ways any longer and, along with three sympathizers, remained on the planet Uranus,[7] where they created their own colony.[8]

Arlok accompanied Uranos on his way back to Earth, but their spaceship was destroyed by a Kree fleet investigating the invasion of their outpost, and Arlok lost his life. The Kree took the corpse of Arlok from the ship's debris, and, after learning that the being had come from Earth, they used the knowledge and genetic material harvested from Arlok's corpse to make their own experiments, resulting in the creation of the Inhumans.[9][1]

After his death, Thyrio was resurrected on Earth, in the Exclusion, where he was mind-wiped alongside the other exiles, who also perished eventually. After that, they joined Oceanus, who had retired to a vigil of Deviants. Together, they became known as the Oceanic Watch (with the exception of Uranos, who was imprisoned in the Exclusion).[3][4]


The 2006 Handbooks incorrectly state Astron was the one dissected by the Kree. Astron was in fact left behind on Uranus with a handful of other Eternals, and the founder of the Uranian Eternals rather than Uranos. Uranos founded the original Eternal settlement on Titan where all but Sui San were wiped out due to internecine infighting. Astron presumably perished along with the other Uranian Eternals.

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