Arlok was a first generation Eternal and a follower of Uranos, exiled by Kronos.

He was among the Eternals banished from Earth. Uranos followers made their way to Uranus and while there found a Kree Outpost and a Kree ship. Arlok repaired the ship and the majority of Uranos's followers left Uranus but were soon shot down over Saturn's moon Titan.[1]

The Kree gained the corpse of Arlok from the ship's debris, and from the knowledge and genetic material they harvested from Arlok's corpse, the Kree were able to create the Inhumans.[2]


The 2006 Handbooks incorrectly state Astron was the one dissected by the Kree. Astron was in fact left behind on Uranus with a handful of other Eternals, and the founder of the Uranian Eternals rather than Uranos. Uranos founded the original Eternal settlement on Titan where all but Sui San were wiped out due to internecine infighting. Astron presumably perished along with the other Uranian Eternals.

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