Armand Loring was the dwarf son of Adrian Loring, the owner of most of the theatres on 42nd street. Armand ran away as a little boy, ashamed of his size and was forgotten by all except his father. Adrian spent years trying to find his son and did, but in a Haiti prison. Armand used his size to become an skilled acrobat to make it as a thief. Adrian told Armand about Jasper Brunt and how he was stealing money from him and about the location of the evidence he had been gathering for a court trial. But before Adrian could take his case to court, and before Armand was released from prision, he confronted Brunt, in return Brunt set fire to the theatre Adrian was in and he died. Brunt took all of Loring's money and Armand dedicated his life to get Brunt back for his actions. He enlisted a friend from the Haitian prison, Jacques, to make his new persona, the Phantom of 42nd Street, believable and haunted Gem Theater and Brunt's establishment.[1]

Armand Loring (Earth-616) from Hero for Hire Vol 1 4 0002

Armand as The Phantom of 42nd Street


Acrobat: Armand spent his youth becoming an acrobat to become a theif. His acrobatic skills are strong, making him more agile that the average man.

Enemy of Luke Cage

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