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Armand Petrov was a military general trained by the Soviet Union. He joined the Chernayan Army and rose through its ranks, becoming general. Following the dismantlement of S.H.I.E.L.D., the armored elite agents deployed by the organization became unemployed. General Petrov hired their services, and used their firepower to orchestrate a coup and oust President Zawadski.

Within the first 72 hours of his reign, Petrov's forces seized power and began to settle "old grudges," resulting in the death of countless children.[1] The situation stabilized afterwards,[2] and the military started claiming lands, farms, businesses, and everything else, executing their owners if needed, intending to "restore Chernaya."[3]

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Petrov's regime was challenged by the Punisher on behalf of Nick Fury,[3] and he started destroying the government's internment camps and freeing its prisoners while looking for Petrov. He had additionally been facilitated access to a War Machine Armor by Fury to this end. He additionally slaughtered countless Chernayan soldiers loyal to their new leader.[4] Once the Punisher started going after Petrov's closest associates, President Petrov responded to his interference threatening to make use of nuclear weapons.[5]

The Punisher confronted President Petrov during a rally celebrating the recognition of the People's Republic of Chernaya as a sovereign nation by the United Nations. Petrov retreated so his elite soldiers could fight Castle, but eventually decided to activate his "January Protocols," which constituted in the launch of a nuke.[6] As the Punisher dealt with the warhead, Petrov retreated to a bomb shelter. He was confronted by Castle not long afterwards, who had lost his armor. Petrov had kept one of the suits for himself, and used it in an attempt to kill Castle. However, since it was a similar suit in design, the Punisher knew its weak points, and managed to cut off Petrov's left hand through the armor's joints. Petrov tried to escape by flying, but Castle jumped on him and removed the power core from Petrov's suit. Petrov fell to his death, while Castle connected the power core to the gauntlet from the severed hand and hot-wired it, using a repulsor blast to cushion his fall.[7]

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