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Armand Skyy was the owner of Skyyventures, Inc. who wanted the meteor owned by the Humphries - Larouche Biosphere Project at all costs even at the cost of the life of those who wanted to oppose it.[1]

Always intent on appropriating the meteor with the intention of having the powers provided by it, Skyy hired Meteor Man's nemesis Simon Caine who however was defeated by Meteor Man, apparently disintegrating him.[2]

After the defeat of the mercenaries he had hired, Skyy turned to international broker Solomon Minh to eliminate Meteor Man from the games.[3]

Skyy returned to Minh scolding him that he and his gang hadn't done anything yet, but Minh replied very seraphically that everything was under control.[4]

Always convinced that the power of the meteor belonged to him, after the defeat of Minh, as he was the major source of income for the meteor project, Skyy thought he was in trouble with the board of directors of Skyyventures, Inc., but did not give up and hired a group of super-powered mercenaries to put an end to the Meteor Man problem.[5]

After Meteor Man along with a revived Simon Cain subdued the super-powered mercenaries, Skyy for fear of a revenge by Cain killed him by shooting him from a helicopter, but during the final confrontation, Meteor Man gave him the power of the meteor with Skyy convinced that he had obtained goodhood, determined to destroy the planet as a sign to the cosmos of his coming and soon after he was disintegrated by the same power that had rejected him.[6]

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In the few moments he was imbued with the meteor's energy, Skyy had the same powers of those of Jefferson Reed of Earth-616.

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