Armand Vitrioli (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 3 0002

The Butterfly unmasked

Dr. Vitrioli was the head curator at the state museum, where he organized an exhibition of priceless ancient Egyptian relics. Under the identity of the Butterfly, he broke into the museum, murdered guards and stole the exhibits. "Bucky" Barnes would have a school field trip to the museum, he would search for clues that could lead him and Captain America on the trail of the Butterfly. Finding the hidden room where Vitrioli hid his costume, Bucky would be captured by the Butterfly's minion, the massively strong, yet dimwitted Lenny. Searching for Bucky, Steve Rogers would be thrown out of the museum. However, he would hide out until night-fall and explore as Captain America. Clashing with Lenny and the Butterfly inside. The Butterfly would be slain after being hit by Captain America's shield while flying and droppping to the ground. As he lay dying, Vitrioli would confess his crimes, and Cap would soon find Bucky unharmed.[1]


The Buttefly had a costume patterned after his namesake, the butterfly. It had wings that enabled him to fly, as well as hover in one position. It also had a long probabilist that he could use to impale his enemies.


The Butterfly was armed with a pistol for long range attacks.

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