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Armor Wars II
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Armor Wars II
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Iron Mans artificial nervous system is being controlled by the Marr's twins. He loses body control in battle with a new Living-Laser. He must use special armor that he mentally controls to enable him to walk and talk, but it makes him slow and vulnerable in battle. Meanwhile the Mandarin gains control of Fin Fang Foom and is gains one third of China. The storyline ends when Iron Man must fight a huge robot suit. He is as good as dead when Jim Rhodes goes into an Iron Man suit and defeats the foe, smashing him into a building. The building collapses and the new foe is thought to be dead. Tony Stark now has little control of his body. The story of the Mandarin and Tony's nervous system continue in Iron Man #267 where Iron Man's origin is retold.

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Armor Wars II Event: Episodes and Synopses


  • Despite the name of this event, Armor Wars II has practically no connection to Armor Wars I.
  • A sub-plot involving the Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom was running concurrently with the Armor Wars II story-arc. This sub-plot culminated in the four-part "Dragon Seed Saga" published in issues #272-275.


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Armor Wars II
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