Quote1.png And while I fight, Technopolis keeps rolling along like nothing even happened. Two armored men -- easy to overlook in a city filled with armored people. Quote2.png
-- Grand Marshal Jim Rhodes

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Synopsis for "Steel Secrets"

War Machine answers a challenge to fight Titanium Man, suspecting he's being tested. Titanium Man mocks James Rhodes' position as Thor of the Domain of Technopolis, but is easily defeated.

Iron Man arrives, and the two banter about Tony's political position as Baron, before talk turns to Jim's gut feeling over the reasoning behind the duel. Tony suspects Kingpin, but Jim is unsure. They then discuss vigilantes in Technopolis including Spyder-Man and Radar Devil. Iron Man suggests they should be arrested, but informs War Machine that he's off to meet with Spyder-Man anyway.

Meanwhile, Iron Man's brother, Arno, meets with Wilson Fisk at Stark Tower and assesses the valuable data compiled by having paid Titanium Man to fight War Machine. The Kingpin assures Arno that Titanium Man's silence has been bought and that fail-safes are in place.

Elsewhere in the city, Spyder-Man is late for work as he heads to his planned meeting with Iron Man. He reveals himself to be Peter Urich and plans to tell Tony that he's uncovered the truth about that which ails Technopolis, forcing her citizens to wear armor just to survive.

Solicit Synopsis

• ARMOR WARS #½ drawn by HULK artist Mark Bagley and written by James Robinson, who pens the regular Secret Wars series. Set in an alternate reality where citizens of Technopolis must wear Iron Man-esque armor to survive, this 12-page story leads right into ARMOR WARS.


  • Armor Wars #½ was a Toys"R"Us exclusive.[2]
    • It was later collected with the rest of the series in the Armor Wars trade paperback.

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