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Armored Avengers
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Tony's Lab, New York City, NY
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On Earth-776, the Avengers would disband shortly after the Hulk would depart from the team due to their lack of trust in him. Unable to come to an agreement on how to deal with the Hulk, the Avengers would disband. Shortly thereafter the Hulk would form an alliance with the Sub-Mariner and issue a challenge to Iron Man daring the Avengers to battle them, unaware that the Avengers split up.

Stark would build suits of Iron Man armor for Rick Jones and his former Avengers teammates Giant-Man and the Wasp. However, Iron Man would lose his temper with them when they would prove less adept at learning how to operate the armor than he did prompting them all to abandon him.

When Iron Man would battle the Hulk and Sub-Mariner alone (after super-charging his armor) he would be beaten to the point near death until the other Armored Avengers (convinced to try being a team again by Rick Jones) would enter the battle. They would fair poorly against the two villains, Giant-Man's armor being damaged in the battle. Iron Man would sacrifice his life giving the last bit of power in his armor to revive Giant-Man. The battle would end when the Hulk would realize that one of the Armored Avengers was his friend Rick Jones and would turn on Namor. With the battle ended, the remaining Armored Avengers would learn that Iron Man was really Tony Stark[1].

If the Armored Avengers would continue to operate following the death of Tony Stark remains unrevealed.


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