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Armour was among a series of clones Thanos created to test the capabilities of potential enemies or allies.[1] After experiencing nihilistic and destructive qualities, Thanos considered the clones a failure and kept them in cold storage in one of his hideouts.[2]

After being freed from their containment's by a meteor, the clones decided to bring about the universe's end and believed that Adam Warlock was the key to this as he had made contact with Atlez, a cosmic being whose life kept the universe in existence, to find his successor.(This was actually a scheme concocted by Atlez to speed up Warlock's search for his successor.)[3][4]

Armour created a cult called the Nihilistic Sect and camped out at the space port Bagiliest where they were confronted by Thanos' former minion Gamora. Gamora recognized that Armour wasn't truly Thanos and called him a "bad parody." Armour sent his followers after Gamora, forcing her to flee.[3]

When energy trails began forming around Earth that linked to Atlez's successor, Armour and his fellow clones sent his followers to go kill the successor.[5] Armour's followers encountered resistance from Captain Marvel and Spider-Man before vanishing into a block of nothingness.[2]

Armour was later confronted by Gamora and his creator Thanos. While Gamora kept Armour busy, Thanos was able to strike him with an energy blast, killing him.[6]

Powers and Abilities


Seeming those of Thanos and possibly those of Iron Man.


Seeming those of Thanos





One of Thanos' ships


  • Iron Man was likely the inspiration for the creation of Armour.

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