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Quote1.png Halt, Brad Carter! It's useless to employ your radio... Firstly, Ulysses Bloodstone has already perished. Secondly, there will be no need of a rescue party, as you are about to join him in death. You died as you lived, thespian --- tritely. Let that be your epitaph. Quote2.png
--Only known example of an Arms-Man speaking out loud.[src]

Arms-Men were anthropoid servants of megalomaniac Centurius, first seen in his first secret base Valhalla in the Pacific Ocean. They were likely artificially produced using Centurius' very advanced -thou ridiculed- evolution process, which he also used to produce giant monsters.[1]

The Arms-Men obeyed Centurius' commands and whims, in lab assistance and security activities, and they contributed to him imprisoning SHIELD agents Nick Fury and Jimmy Woo. Most of them were apparently killed when SHIELD sabotage Centurius' plan and his volcano base exploded; Centurius himself escaped by using his technology to evolve to a protoplasmic state[1] from which he'll eventually recover.[2]

Arms-Men searching for Ulysses Bloodstone.

When Centurius reappeared as a member of the criminal group Conspiracy, he controlled a new base where he kept several scientists prisoner to use their mental energies along with a Bloodgem fragment in an evil plan. Arms-Men provided basic security, along with some robots for higher security and giant monsters such as Goram for other activities. The base was invaded by Ulysses Bloodstone and Iron Man; the Arms-Men failed to stop either of them, although one Arms-Man showed enough initiative to unleash one of the behemoths to confront the armored Avenger. Eventually, the base was overtaken by Bloodstone, Iron Man and SHIELD reinforcements; Centurius arranged for the base's explosion while he himself escaped, worrying little about the Arms-Men behind. By then, several Arms-Men had died to the attacks of Bloodstone[3] and SHIELD.[4]

Arms-Men were later seen in a successful attack to Bloodstone's main headquarters, Bloodstone Island. Having been told that Ulysses Bloodstone himself had been already killed, Arms-Men destroyed Bloodstone's buildings and one Arms-Man also found and murdered Bloodstone's close friend, actor Brad Carter.[5]

Powers and Abilities


The Arms-Men followed Centurius in his plot to cover the world in radiation that would destroy humankind. It is reasonable to assume that the Arms-Men were immune to that radiation.[1]

Their eyes have proved to see in darkness.[3]


Vulnerable to death by knives[3] and by SHIELD regulation weapons.[4]


Level of Technology

They used devices provided by Centurius, including skintight uniforms and advanced technological rifle adapted to their anatomies,[1] and sometimes handguns[3] that can reduce an adult human to a man-shaped pile of ashes with a single shot.[5]

Cultural Traits

They rarely speak, although they can.[5]


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