In World War Two, German biochemist Arnim Zola took his role in making "master race" soldiers to serve as Adolf Hitler's bodyguards. In his experiments, Zola perpetrated in killing many innocent people creations. Zola was attacked by Captain America in his castle facility and was killed when his first experimental monster, "Siegsoldat" ("Victory soldier"), fell on the scientist when Captain America kills the monster.

However, Arnim Zola did not die and the O.S.S. rescued him so as to harvest his intellect on the post-war super soldier program. Later they mapped his brain and created an artificial intelligence out of it before the tumors he had could degrade his mind. A short time before the Liberators attacked the United States, a white survivalist group, the Marauders, attacked the military base where Arnim Zola's AI was being held and stole it, along with some other weaponry. Arnim Zola was then able to convince the leader of the Marauders, Thomas Jenks, to allow Zola to commence experiments on him. Zola mutated Jenks until he was approximately 20-foot (6.1 m) tall and installed armor plating (and Zola's AI brain) on him with a hologram of Zola projected from the chest, dubbing his creation "Siegsoldat-X" . Zola then have the Marauders to capture people of different ethnicity for his experiments in which many people died and left deformed in Zola and the Marauders' path. The news media caught up of the malformed corpses dubbed "ghost corpses", in which Zola's old nemesis Captain America soon learned of the mad scientist's survival. Eventually, Captain America and the Falcon tracked Zola and the Marauders and were able to defeat them by freeing the people the Marauders had kidnapped, in which the angry masses tore apart Siegsoldat-X's body, whereupon Captain America collapsed a support strut onto the Zola AI, killing the mad scientist for good.[1]


As an A.I., Zola is technically 'immortal'.


Arnim Zola is a noted biochemist, and utilized his skill in making "master race" monsters.

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