Arnim Zola was a member of Hydra science division.

Zola and Baron Strucker were the ones in charge of brainwashing and turning Bucky into the Winter Soldier.

When the Red Skull was defeated by the Avengers, and Madame Hydra defected Hydra after being betrayed, Zola took over Hydra's leadership.

Legends Assemble

Zola was approached by A.I.M. to ally with them and Attuma's Undersea University to destroy Avengers Academy, he accepted their offer and joined the villainous coalition.

After an initial attack by Attuma, Zola and his men where the ones to attack the Avengers next, like Attuma though, he failed to defeat the heroes, and ended up in a jail cell. [1]


Seemingly those of the Arnim Zola of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Arnim Zola of Earth-616.

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